My Trip to Minnesota: Day 3

My first 2 days were loaded with “free time” but that was not the case today. I was checked out of my hotel and at the center by 7:30 a.m.! The MRI I underwent this morning was in the machine that is rated at 7 Tesla (the one of Thursday was 5). They also have a 10.5 machine – the only one in the world!

After the scan I had a quick lunch at a Chinese restaurant and went back to the airport. I got to ride back in a Lincoln with 2 women from Rwanda. We had a fascinating conversation.

At the airport, I had some extra time so I requested wheelchair service. They took me through a side gate and my entire check-in process took about 10 minutes. It wasn’t as easy as it was in Kzoo, but both were better than the alternative of waiting forever in the main line. After the check-in they brought me to my gate, where I watched the arrival time of my flight change to a later time. Then again. Then again. Then again…

When I arrived in Chicago, there was only 4 minutes until my next flight took off. Even if I had rockets on the chair, I would not have made it. The only option was to get a ticket for the next flight for Kalamazoo, which was 5 hours later. The arrival gate also changed 3 times, which meant that I was making a lot of calls to be transported around. I finally arrived in Kalamazoo at 12 midnight.

Tomorrow, I will write a summary of my experience and share some other thoughts.

One comment on “My Trip to Minnesota: Day 3

  1. Bernard Larner says:

    Sorry you had such a difficult time with your flights. Glad you finally made it home.

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